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  • Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap - July 30, 2021 July 30, 2021
    New updatesUnless otherwise indicated, the features below are fully launched or in the process of rolling out (rollouts should take no more than 15 business days to complete), launching to both Rapid and Scheduled Release at the same time (if not, each stage of rollout should take no more than 15 business days to complete), […]
  • Use the new Google Meet web app for better meetings on desktop devices July 30, 2021
    Quick summaryWe’ve launched a new Google Meet standalone web app. This Progressive Web Application (PWA) has all the same features as Google Meet on the web, but as a standalone app it’s easier to find and use, and it streamlines your workflow by eliminating the need to switch between tabs.The PWA runs on any device […]
  • New enrollment privilege and naming updates for Google Meet hardware in the Admin console July 29, 2021
    What’s changing We are making two improvements to the admin controls for Google Meet hardware: A new enrollment privilege: You can use the new "Enroll Google Meet hardware" admin privilege to limit the enrollment of new devices to authorized users. Updates for hardware management in the Admin Console: Legacy references to “Chromebox for meetings” will be renamed “Google Meet […]
  • Assign SSO profile to organizational units or groups with the new SAML Partial SSO beta July 29, 2021
    What’s changing Currently, you can configure to authenticate your users using a third-party identity provider — this configuration applies to all users within your domain. Now, you have the option to specify groups or organizational units (OUs) to authenticate a subset of your users using Google. This feature is available beginning today as an open beta, […]
  • Search within a folder in Google Drive on iOS July 29, 2021
    What’s changing  You can now search for content inside a specific folder in Google Drive on iOS. Simply navigate to the folder you want to search within and select the search bar — you’ll see a list of suggested folders, documents, and users to refine your search results. Select the folder chip before typing your […]
  • Enhancements to Google Voice July 28, 2021
    What’s changingWe continuously listen to customer feedback as we make refinements to Google Voice, and based on your feedback we’ve made the following enhancements:Missed Call Reason:  Now you can see why a call did not ring and what you can do to fix it by changing your settings. Just go to the Missed Call details […]
  • Workspace for Education Plus now syncs Google Classroom courses and rosters with Student Information Systems July 26, 2021
    What’s changingU.S. school districts with Google Workspace for Education Plus will be able to automatically set up Google Classroom courses and keep rosters in sync with their Student Information System (SIS). IT admins will do the setup via Clever, meaning teachers will no longer need to manually create classes and invite students to join them. […]
  • Use dynamic security groups for group based policies July 26, 2021
    What’s changing Google Workspace admins can now use dynamic groups to manage policies for their users in the Admin console. Previously, it was only possible to apply these policies to static groups and OUs. Workspace admins can use dynamic attribute-based groups to automate tasks such as "turn drive off for everyone in Europe through the Admin Console". […]
  • Alert Center enrichment with VirusTotal threat context now generally available July 26, 2021
    What’s changing Earlier this year, we pre-announced an integration between the Alert Center and VirusTotal. Currently, the Google Workspace Alert Center provides admins with actionable, real-time alerts and insights regarding security-related activity in their domain. With the VirusTotal (now part of Google Cloud) integration, admins have the ability to dig into their alerts at a deeper […]
  • Disabling File Transfer in Google Chat July 26, 2021
    What’s changing Admins can now disable or limit file sharing for their users in Chat. Specifically, adminswill be able to specify controls within and outside their organization, and will be able to choose between restricting all files, allowing images only, or allowing all files.Who’s impacted Admins and end users Why it’s important Files often contain confidential information, and some […]
  • Improvements for braille mode in Google Docs provide a richer, more interactive experience July 26, 2021
    Quick launch summaryWe've improved how suggestions are announced in braille mode in Google Docs. This change makes it easier for users of assistive technology, including screen readers and refreshable braille displays, to interact with suggestions in documents.You’ll now hear detailed suggestion information inline with the rest of the text — this includes whether the suggestion […]
  • Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap - July 23, 2021 July 23, 2021
    New updatesUnless otherwise indicated, the features below are fully launched or in the process of rolling out (rollouts should take no more than 15 business days to complete), launching to both Rapid and Scheduled Release at the same time (if not, each stage of rollout should take no more than 15 business days to complete), […]
  • Easily collaborate and share Slide presentations with side-by-side viewing in Google Chat July 23, 2021
    Quick launch summaryIn Google Chat, you can now open and edit a Slide presentation in a side-by-side view. By enabling you and your collaborators to directly edit presentations without leaving Chat, we hope to make it easier to transform your ideas into impact.Chat users can open a Slide presentation by clicking on the preview thumbnail […]
  • Image placeholders make it easy to work as a team with images in Slides themes and layouts July 23, 2021
    Quick launch summaryNow when you create a theme in Slides, you can add image placeholders to your layouts. Slides editors can then easily replace these image placeholders with the desired images. This new feature should improve your team’s workflow efficiency, design quality, and ease of formatting.When a user creates a slide from a layout that […]
  • Select multiple tabs in Google Sheets and perform basic actions on the selection July 22, 2021
    Update[July 23, 2021]: This feature is also available to users with personal Google Accounts.  This was not noted in the original post. Quick launch summaryNow you can select multiple tabs in Google Sheets and perform basic actions on the selection (such as moving the tabs together, deleting, duplicating, copying, coloring, or hiding). Work in Google Sheets with […]
  • Block shares from another user in Google Drive July 22, 2021
    What’s changing As we recently announced on the Cloud Blog, we’re adding the ability to block another user in Google Drive. If blocked, the user will not be able to share any Drive items with you, and items owned by the user will not be able to be shared with you or be shown when you’re […]
  • Bulk convert Classic Sites to new Sites using the Classic Sites Manager July 22, 2021
    Quick summary In 2017, we announced that we would replace classic Sites with new Sites, and in 2019 we announced that domains will have until the end of 2021 to complete the transition. To help manage the transition, Admins and end users can use the Classic Sites Manager to: Bulk delete and restore sites, Bulk update ownership of sites, Bulk […]
  • Fundamental data regions now available to more Google Workspace customers July 21, 2021
    What’s changingData regions gives you the ability to choose where covered data for select Google Workspace apps is stored at rest. The existing data regions feature, now known as Enterprise data regions, offer a full range of features to Google Workspace Enterprise Plus and Education Plus customers.Now, we’re introducing a more limited version of data […]
  • Hangouts to Google Chat upgrade beginning August 16th, with option to opt-out July 19, 2021
    What’s changing Beginning August 16, 2021, we will start upgrading users who have the “Chat and classic Hangouts” setting selected to “Chat preferred,” unless you explicitly opt out. Users who already have “Chat only”, “Chat preferred”, or “Classic Hangouts Only” selected, or users with both services turned off will not be affected. Additionally, the “Chat and classic […]
  • Updates to Google Workspace Public Status Dashboard and service status alerts July 19, 2021
    What’s changing We're introducing a new Public Status Dashboard experience for Google Workspace. As part of this update, we’re enhancing the functionality of the existing Apps outage alert system-defined rule, which provides email notifications regarding service disruptions or outages via the Public Status Dashboard. Specifically, you can now configure the rule to also deliver Apps outage […]