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  • Check when your Google Meet meeting codes expire to ensure smooth future meeting experiences May 12, 2021
    Quick launch summaryGoogle Meet meetings can be scheduled across Google Workspace products, such as Calendar, Gmail, Google Chat, and more. This means your unique meeting code and its expiration are based on the product that your meeting is created from.Most meeting codes will expire 365 days after the last use, but there are instances where […]
  • Additional tools for managing the transition from classic to new Google Sites May 11, 2021
    What’s changing In 2017, we announced that we would replace classic Sites with new Sites, and in 2019 we announced that domains will have until the end of 2021 to complete the transition. Important note: Starting May 15, 2021, website creation in classic Google Sites will no longer be available. Visit the Help Center for more […]
  • Google Device Policy app ending support for iOS 11 soon May 11, 2021
    Quick launch summary The Google Device Policy app won’t support mobile devices running iOS version 11 or lower after August 2021. If your organization has advanced mobile device management (MDM) enabled, users must upgrade to iOS version 12 or higher to access new MDM features or to download the Device Policy app for the first time. We […]
  • Google Docs will now use canvas based rendering: this may impact some Chrome extensions May 11, 2021
    What’s changing We’re updating the way Google Docs renders documents. Over the course of the next several months, we’ll be migrating the underlying technical implementation of Docs from the current HTML-based rendering approach to a canvas-based approach to improve performance and improve consistency in how content appears across different platforms. We don’t expect this change to impact […]
  • New options to control chat history in unthreaded Google Chat rooms May 10, 2021
    What’s changingWe’re introducing a new admin control for Google Chat history in unthreaded rooms. With this new control, admins have the option to:Set unthreaded room history behavior separately from 1:1 and group conversations: Admins can set the default history state to be either on or off. They can also prevent users from changing the default […]
  • Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap - May 7, 2021 May 7, 2021
    New updates There are no new updates to share this week. Please see below for a recap of published announcements. Previous announcements The announcements below were published on the Workspace Updates blog earlier this week. Please refer to the original blog posts for complete details. Google for Education transformation reports window open, available worldwide The next reporting window for Google […]
  • More options for customizing a charts line and fill styling in Google Sheets May 7, 2021
    Quick Summary We’ve added more for line and fill customization options for series and series items. You can now modify:  Color Opacity Line dash styles Line thickness For column-shaped series, we’ve added the ability to add and style borders, a highly requested feature. Note: these new options are not available for pie charts, however the ability to change pie slice colors and […]
  • Specify which attributes are available for the Secure LDAP client May 5, 2021
    What’s changing The Secure LDAP service provides a simple and secure way to connect your LDAP-based applications and services to Cloud Identity or Google Workspace. Admins can now specify which attributes they’d like to make available for the LDAP Client:System attributes: Default user attributes that are available for all user accounts—for example, Email, Phone, and Address. Note […]
  • Additional admin controls for Google Voice ring groups May 5, 2021
    What’s changingWe’ve added new ways for admins to manage their Google Voice ring groups. Specifically, admins can now:Configure a “Fixed order” pattern where incoming ring group calls will ring members in a predetermined order.Change the maximum duration that a call should ring before proceeding to the "unanswered call" behavior — previously this was fixed at […]
  • Improve Google Cloud Search results with Contextual Boost May 3, 2021
    What’s changing We’re adding the ability to boost Google Cloud Search results using the Cloud Search Query API for third party data sources. Contextual boost is achieved by defining document specific context at the time of indexing and using the right contextual values at the time of query. Contextual boost is one of the key ways […]
  • “Show Editors” provides more context on changes made in Google Docs May 3, 2021
    Quick launch summary You can now view richer information on the edit history of a particular range of content in Google Docs. Simply highlight and right-click on a range of text and select “Show Editors” from the dropdown menu. Here, you can view a list of editors and their latest edit along with time stamps. You’ll […]
  • Google for Education transformation reports window open, available worldwide May 3, 2021
    What’s changing Google for Education transformation reports are available for K-12 Google Workspace for Education customers worldwide, at no additional cost. Note: transformation reports are only available in English only at this time. The next reporting window is open as of May 3, 2021. See below for more information on generating your transformation report. Who’s impacted Admins Why you’d […]
  • Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap - April 30, 2021 April 30, 2021
    New updates There are no new updates to share this week. Please see below for a recap of published announcements.Previous announcements The announcements below were published on the Workspace Updates blog earlier this week. Please refer to the original blog posts for complete details.Edit details in line with Google Tasks on the webYou can now add additional […]
  • Email threads with recipients outside your organization will be labeled “External” April 29, 2021
    What’s changing We’re adding a new “External” label to email threads that include recipients outside your organization. This adds to the existing external recipient warning banner, which is displayed when responding to emails sent from outside of your organization. The “External” label will be visible on Gmail on the web and Android devices. We will provide an […]
  • Apply context-aware access policies to mobile and desktop applications April 27, 2021
    What’s changing Admins can now assign existing or new context-aware access levels to Google desktop and mobile applications. Applying context-aware access levels to mobile and desktop applicationsWho’s impacted Admins and end users Why it’s important With context-aware access, you can set up different access levels based on a user’s identity and the context of the request (location, device security status, […]
  • Google Vault now supports Google Sites April 27, 2021
    What’s changingGoogle Vault now supports new Google Sites. You can use Google Vault to set retention policies for Google Sites, perform searches of Google Sites data, and export Google Sites content. If you already use Vault to hold Google Drive files, sites files will now be covered by those holds. You can set Sites-specific retention […]
  • Admins will now be alerted when there is an issue with their Google Voice auto attendants or ring groups April 26, 2021
    Quick launch summary Admins will now receive an alert in the Admin console’s Alert Center when an issue is detected with their auto attendant or ring group configuration along with instructions on how to quickly resolve the issue. These issues include: No valid members in a ring group, No valid auto attendants or ring groups to forward the […]
  • Edit details in line with Google Tasks on the web April 26, 2021
    Quick launch summary You can now add additional information to your personal tasks without opening the “Details” dialog box. We hope this change makes it faster and easier for you to add descriptions, assign dates and times, and organize your tasks. Getting started Admins: There is no admin control for this feature. End users: There is no end user […]
  • Google Workspace Updates Weekly Recap - April 21, 2021 April 23, 2021
    New updates There are no new updates to share this week. Please see below for a recap of published announcements. Previous announcements The announcements below were published on the Workspace Updates blog earlier this week. Please refer to the original blog posts for complete details. More ways to work with and analyze BigQuery data using Connected Sheets We’re adding several […]
  • Control your data usage and improve device performance with new data saver setting for Google Meet on mobile April 22, 2021
    What’s changingYou can now limit Google Meet data usage on Android and iOS mobile devices. When enabled, this will help to:Limit data use, conserving data on your mobile planConserve battery powerLower the demand on your phone’s CPUWho’s impactedEnd usersWhy you’d use itGoogle Meet automatically adjusts to your device, network and set-up to provide the best […]