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IT Security

Your network and its security is the foundation that enhances the core technology of your business. Network security plays an equally important role to safeguard

Business Email Management

We help you with custom email @yourcompany most secure, collaborative and cost effective platforms like Google Workspace , Zoho or Microsoft 365. We help organisations fulfill email regulatory compliances, GDPR obligations, protection aganist data loss and also simplify back and restore of business emails.

Secure Remote Access & VPN

Business growth demands mobility of key personnel and yet keep them securely connected to the company network at all times. The need for a Secure Virtual Privat

Transforming Your Business IT Infrastructure

At HelpMates , we combine IT and business knowledge to provide analysis, advice and solutions for organizations that need to develop or improve their communication, data or software systems. We work with our clients, advising them how to use information technology in order to: meet their business objectives or overcome problems. Work to improve the structure and efficiency of IT systems of your organisations. Often providing strategic guidance to our clients with regard to technology, IT infrastructures or enabling major business processes through enhancements to IT, we also provide guidance during selection, procurement as well as providing expert technical assistance.

Google Workspace for Business & Education - Migration Training & Support..
IT Infrastructure Solutions
We offer high quality, economically viable, scalable and comprehensive solutions
We help companies to migrate business applications , data and servers to secure and reliable AWS Cloud Infrastructure

Leveraging IT for Value and Growth

As the business landscape continues to be shaped by new technologies from collaboration tools, to customer relationship management platforms to secure networks, technology has the power to drive efficient operations, enable effective communication and connect businesses of all sizes with their customers. Technology, and the connectivity it enables, is critical for growth for any organisation. We at HelpMates help organisations to better understand IT, helping them to leverage IT for increasing the value they provide to their customers and in turn help them grow.
Connectivity technologies drive growth in businesses by allowing remote work, with quick and reliable access to organisation’s network and helping them to provide their customers with improved access to products & services.

Professional Set of Business & Education Tools


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