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Healthcare IT Infrastructure | Cloud for Healthcare - HelpMates

Healthcare IT Infrastructure | Cloud for Healthcare - HelpMates

IT Infrastructure in healthcare includes a host of specialized services such as business and clinical data management. This is in addition to its core components such as servers, storage devices, networking, which form the backbone of an enterprise compute setup.

We, at Helpmates, with our vast experience, can help you make a decision from the below options which significantly involve a reduction in infrastructure costs or a shift from capital expenditure to an operating expense:

  • Upgrading the information management infrastructure.
  • Significant changes to this tech foundation.
  • Streamline the IT service delivery throughout the organization.
Influential reasons why healthcare institutions should migrate to the cloud:
  • Data and EHRs are growing at a rapid pace; your existing infrastructure cannot keep up with this pace.
  • Legacy systems are quickly becoming obsolete and difficult to support or maintain.
  • The number of sites, devices, systems and users are increasing.
  • The ability to manage risk, security and HIPAA compliance is weakening.
  • Financially moving from a capital expenditure to operating expense model.
  • Existing IT Infrastructure is fragmented and becoming more complex to manage and monitor.
  • Maintenance, licensing, support contracts and skilled IT staff are posing increased financial burdens.
Services to Healthcare from HelpMates
Consulting Services

HelpMates , as your IT consulting partners and managed service provider, will focus on:

  • Strategic planning
  • Migrations
  • Systems Integration
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Aligning your budget and goals

HelpMates  will first assess your IT infrastructure, policies, processes and key IT performance indicators and how they support your overall IT strategy.

Cloud Hosting
Continuing to support an IT infrastructure is now conceded to be a poor utilization of business resources for healthcare providers. Concentrate your focus on patient care and elevate service levels for your health care staff by outsourcing your Information Technology activities. We at HelpMates have helped our clients in significant reduction in IT-related operational and capital expenses. To achieve this, we have Partnered with Google Cloud and AWS cloud services and can provide unique Public Cloud, Private Cloud, and Hybrid Cloud hosting solutions.
Backup and Disaster Recovery
We can evaluate your networking and storage alternatives and deliver your healthcare organization a comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery plan avoiding the vulnerability of single-location storage. Alongwith HIPAA compliant backup solutions (relatively easy) we will also consider more challenging but timely recovery solutions. From simple file recovery to site-level recovery, we outline a list of deployment, cloud storage and operational services working with the vendors you choose.

Complete IT Managed Services for Healthcare Providers:

  • Manage and monitor desktop computers, servers, and networks
  • End-to-end Cyber Security protection and prevention
  • Install and manage servers, workstations and VoIP systems
  • Establish and manage firewalls
  • Provide and update virus, spam, and spyware protection
  • Install and manage HIPAA compliant email services with email archiving
  • Meaningful Use with compliant security and audit trails
  • Provide and update virus, spam, and spyware protection