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IT Infrastructure Solutions - HelpMates

HelpMates offer high quality, economically viable, scalable and comprehensive solutions to meet your current and future IT requirements.

HelpMates helps you setup your IT Infrastructure, which consists of a flexible, scalable framework that enable industries to focus on their core business verticals (hospitality, finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals and healthcare, education, etc). This framework covers a variety of activities ranging from calling customers/clients, to more complex operations that involve (but not limited to) managing manufacturing units to be managed in a more efficient and simpler manner.

This complex yet barebone configuration consists of smaller units that can be easily plugged into the mainstream without any operational disruption. These smaller units are flexible enough to start functioning immediately thus adding value and efficiency to the mainstream.

HelpMates provide expertise in organizing the layout of this skeleton; thus enabling businesses to focus on their core competencies. Our solutions include but not limited to IT Infrastructure consulting, Systems Integration, related products and solutions in any business vertical or industry.