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Google Workspace For Education in Chandigarh | Punjab - HelpMates

Google Workspace For Education in Chandigarh | Punjab - HelpMates

HelpMates determine if the client’s current technology infrastructure is adequate to meet the requirements of the IT revamp initiative, as well as the needs of faculty, staff and students.
The Assessment covers:
  • Network Capacity
  • Applications
  • Architecture
  • Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Training and Development

The Assessment provides a framework for defining the vision and objectives for information technology, relative to the institution’s business strategy.

Legacy System Modernization
Maintenance and support of legacy systems continues to become increasingly difficult and expensive. Institutions supporting legacy systems face such challenges as a scarcity of trained personnel, growing license and maintenance fees, and connectivity problems. Our solutions enable such education institutions migrate from legacy system applications and databases to modern industry standard platforms and systems.

After conducting a full ecosystem assessment of the legacy data, we utilize industry-leading automated migration tools, proven methodologies and expertise to bring each modernization project to a successful completion. Our legacy modernization solutions increase flexibility, efficiencies and cost savings at the same time reducing business risks.

Based on our knowledge of providing IT infrastructure hosting and management solutions to our lawyer clients, here are some of those trends which we feel have come to fruition and will continue to mature.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Starts Spreading to Laptops and Tablets, especially in smaller firms and will continue to grow.
Firms will spend most of their money on Document and Case Management Software rather than Practice Management Software.
A law firm website is now the essential element of its marketing. Hinge research showed that 77% of professional firms generate new business leads online. 70% of law firms in another survey said their website generated new matters.