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HelpMates, an IT systems solution provider company, is primarily focused to enhance client’s business performance and success. Our objective is to maximize business value and operational efficiency by contributing flexibility, scalability and agility.

HelpMates provides a full spectrum of IT products & solutions with global delivery capabilities. We focus on IT Infrastructure Consultation and IT System Integration for diversified verticals including (but not limited to) Hospitality, Financial Services, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Healthcare, Education and Government sectors.

Our Approach:

At HelpMates, we deliver our services & solutions in the most customer centric way to add phenomenal value, innovation, assurance, and integrity. We offer a great customer experience from the awareness stage, through the purchasing process and finally up to the post purchase process.
“We take customer first approach in everything we do, which enable companies to grow their businesses for superior end results”

Our Vision:

HelpMates strive to be a leading company to provide a personalized customer experience. We are passionate to deliver best products & services with confidence and reliability through innovative technologies to reach and maximize your business objectives. As your IT partner, our solutions promise forward thinking and end-to-end technology management to grow your business.

Our Mission:

To provide high quality, economically viable, scalable, customizable and comprehensive solutions to meet your current and future IT requirements.


How we Deliver?

At HelpMates we follow an approach of an entrepreneurial spirit that allows us the flexibility and creativity needed to bring innovative thinking and adaptable solutions to best address your needs. Innovation is all about ideas and we focus on turning these ideas into practical, cost effective solutions that deliver real, measurable benefits to you.

We deliver solutions that meet and often exceeds your expectations and needs. We accomplish this through different and effective products, services, technologies, or ideas that are are agile, cost effective , reliable and robust. We have deployed innovative solutions for our clients and have helped many organisations improve operations, secure networks, save costs, helping them to focus more on their core business activities.

We have thought processes, skills and experience which enables us to formulate and deliver solutions for the benefit of our clients.


Our Approach

  • We understand the technical and business requirements of our client.
  • Propose a solution which would match and often exceed the requirements of the client, within the budgets.
  • Explain and educate the client about the complete solution along with its benefits.
  • Install, Implement and Deliver the solution. Also provide required trainings for products and services delivered as a part of the solution.
  • Provision after sales support & services structures as per the requirements of the client and business needs.

Founding Partners

Harsimran Singh

Harsimran is the energy-core that powers HelpMates. An engineer at heart , who loves to deliver the best IT technology to improve businesses and he loves to simplify everything that comes his way with 100 % attention and dedication. Talk to him & watch him emerge on the other side with a great solution.

Shalini Kapoor

Shalini brings with her rich experience of most demanding service sector . Well- organised and extremely detailed at everything she does. Carries a super positive attitude with high energy and enthusiasm. She is an efficient problem solver , loves cooking , creative & imaginative and most importantly loves to try and learn whatever comes her way.

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Ivy Hospitals & Healthcare

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Balwinder Associates

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